Rivals 1

Function: noun
a : one of two or more striving to reach or obtain something that only one can possess
b : one striving for competitive advantage

If any other definition were applicable it would be c: Keiko Hayakawa and Reiko Mizutani. Though close friends since childhood, the two women were nearly consumed with out-doing the other in all things. Keiko and Reiko were business partners, jointly running a clerical service company, but the only reason for their cooperation was they realized they'd ruin individual companies trying to out-business each other. Even so they still fought and contested in trying to bring in the best clients and the most prestige.

Caught in the middle was Ken Seto, their Personal Assistant. Again both women chose to share one assistant rather than constantly trying to hire someone to out match the other's, but that put tremendous strain on Ken. The money was fantastic, as each women refused to let the other sign his checks, so he got double pay. The fact that Keiko and Reiko were stunning beauties didn't hurt either.... or at least it didn't used. to.

Up to this point he had escaped attention on anything more than a professional level, but one day Ken foolishly had a coffee with Reiko, and then the contest was under way. Now both women were vieing for his attentions and while it seemed a dream come true, Ken knew enough that for him to choose between them would start a war like the world had never seen. It went against his male desires but out of self-preservation Ken did his best to be totally impartial. That is, until this morning. Ken came in for work and one potted plant to the back of the head later woke up with a headache and tied hands.

"Whe...where am I?" he stammered as the painful fog in his head thumped away down his spine.

"You're in my office." said a sultry female voice behind him. Ken looked about and his blood chilled. He didn't know what was going on, but his headache and the feeling of knots and ropes told him odds are he wouldn't like it.

"M....Miss, please, untie me." he said. "What happened? Were we robbed?"

"Not at all." said the unseen woman. "It's just that you've been terribly rude ignoring my offers. It's time for that to change." The woman walked around in front of him and he looked up at her. His gaze traced the slim curves of her legs and the full curves of her womanly hips. Up through the voluptuous cleavage between her breasts Ken saw her face and felt a fear like he'd never known.

Continued inide...